Torico Ice Cream Wedding Cakes

If you’re looking for something a little unorthodox and unique you’re at the right place! Let us show you and your guests a stunning experience of elegant design and exceptional taste through ice cream. If you're dreaming of something romantic & timeless, laid back & sophisticated, creative & chic, or simply have no idea where to begin, we will make your ice cream wedding cake a dessert to remember.  Every ice cream cake is one of a kind and each is executed with love and passion to satisfy your sweet indulgences on your special day.

From a small, intimate gathering to a glamorous gala we have several options available for serving ice cream at your wedding including tiered cakes, sheet cakes, pre-portioned cups and containers of ice cream. We’ll make sure you and your guests have nothing but the sweetest experience.

Consultation Information

When you decide to have Torico be a part of your wedding day we recommend that you come in 4 months prior to your wedding. During your consultation our cake specialist, Dawn, will meet with you and provide you with a tasting tray of homemade ice cream samples and filling options as well as a slice of our chocolate and vanilla soft serve cake. We’ll go over flavor combinations as well as wedding packages to ensure that all your guests will be able to enjoy a slice of love.

Along with flavors and fillings we’ll discuss the design of your cake. We ask that you bring with you photos, illustrations, invitations, or anything else that will assist in creating your ideal ice cream cake. We pride ourselves in making wedding cakes that are customized to each couple; no one will have a cake like yours!

Getting the Cake to your Venue

We understand that there’s a lot of planning involved to make your wedding day go smoothly. We want you and your partner to be as stress-free as possible on your special day! To help make that happen we suggest that you have someone pick up your ice cream wedding cake the day before your reception so it’s at the venue and ready for you. No matter how far away your venue is, we will offer you dry ice to ensure that your cake stays frozen.

Keeping your ice cream wedding cake picture perfect is our highest priority so we ask that you confirm with your venue that they will have enough space in their freezer to hold the cake until you’re ready to cut it!

If an ice cream cake is the wedding cake for you, let us know! There’s nothing like an ice cream date with your best friend and as far as we’re concerned, couples who eat ice cream together, stay together!

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Please include any color palettes, flower selections and any other inspiration that will guide us in making your delicious custom wedding ice cream cake. If you don't have anything in mind just yet that's ok. We'll create something beautiful together!