Save a seat for Torico at your Thanksgiving gathering!


Sweet Ube Pie

Sitting in our cinnamon graham crust lies our twist on the classic Sweet Potato Pie. Ube ice cream drizzled with marshmallow and topped with pecans will never disappoint at your dessert table. Naturally purple and naturally delicious, this purple yam will become a new holiday favorite!

Can you think of anything better than enjoying donuts with your coffee? What about drizzling fudge over the donuts and having a homemade chocolate cinnamon crust to go with it? With this pie you can enjoy a slice of Java Mocha Donut ice cream with chocolate drizzled donuts at any time of the day.

In this graham crust is a delectable pairing of sugar and spice. You’ll find cinnamon swirled in our graham crumbs to make a basket for our Pralines & Cream ice cream. We’ve added drizzles of caramel to weave and coat our salted pecans.

This seasonal spectacular holds the greatest Pumpkin Pie ice cream you’ll every find with layers of chopped pecans and liquid caramel vines twisting around the top of the pie. You won’t have to eat this pie for long before knowing this was the perfect pumpkin pie for you.

Cinnamon, sugar, butter, and cream are used to make a dessert perfect for a fall & winter gathering. In a cinnamon graham crust there is a mountain of Butter Pecan ice cream covered with salted pecans and caramel for a deliciously sweet bite of home made love.